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OEM Retrofits
Genuine VW CAN Gateway Upgrade/Replacement Service

VW CAN Gateway Replacement

We currently have the very latest Gateway's for the Mk5 Golf, Golf Plus, Touran, Caddy, Jetta, Tiguan, EOS and Skoda Octavia in stock. We can also order the latest Gateway for the Passat B6.

If you have a car earlier than 2008 then you may not be able to install the latest version (or the latest firmware) for the RNS-510 until you've upgraded your Gateway. If you installed a version C unit without upgrading then chances are you'd have a flat battery every morning!

The solution is to have a new Gateway installed which will allow you to fit the latest version of the RNS-510 without having the well known battery drain problem. Version C units will give you access to speed limitation on your map screen, voice control functionality (with additional hardware), SDHC support on HW04 or later units, quicker startup, Climatronic & OPS display (assuming you have the correct modules in your car), GPS coordinates entry, etc.

Costs are £195 for the Gateway including full fitting and coding to your car to the above listed vehicles except the Passat B6.

Cost for the Passat B6 is £295 including fitting and coding.

All parts used are original VAG.