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OEM Retrofits
M1 Corridor & M25/London Installation Days

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We can offer M1/London installs on a fixed date. We charge £100 per install day which is spread over the number of customers we have. We would not come down if there are less than two customers (as it's not economically worthwhile for us) which means the maximum it would cost you would be £50. For example; if we have 4 customers booked in on that day, the cost to each customer would be just £25. This is a massive saving as a London install using our regular mobile fitting service would cost over £200.

Three simple steps - here's how it works...

  1. First we take your booking (we'll need your name, location & a mobile number via email, phone, text or online booking).
  2. Once we have enough customers (2 or more) we will set a fitting date and drop you an email/call to confirm the booking date, approximate time and location (we may ask you to meet us at a mutually convenient location where we would carry out the installation in order to best utilise both your time and ours).
  3. We arrive, carry out the install & answer any questions you may have... and that's all there is to it! Just click the 'Book Now' button below to book online.

Book Now

If you have any questions before booking then please get in touch.

Due to the laws of economics we may have to re-schedule depending on customer numbers and types of jobs booked in