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OEM Retrofits
Frequently Asked Questions

Here's a list of frequently asked questions which we hope will answer a lot of your queries and help you to make an informed decision about which system is right for you. However, if there is anything that is not answered here, please feel free to contact us via email or phone.

Q. How long does it take to fit a sat nav unit?
A. It depends on the car and the nav being fitted. However, as a rough guideline, for all VW, Skoda & Seat units we can usually fit these within approx 1hr. We can fit Audi A3 & A4 units within the same time frame if your car currently has a double DIN unit installed. If your A3/A4 has a single DIN unit installed then we would need your car for most of the day as a lot more work is required to install. Not sure if your Audi has single or double DIN? Click here for some guidance!

Q. What on earth is a single DIN and a double DIN?
A. This only really concerns Audi installations. Single DIN units are units such as the Audi Concert II or Chorus units (although to confuse matters they are also available in double DIN guise as well!). Double DIN units are typically the Audi Symphony units. On A4's, if there is a storage area below your climate control then you have single DIN. On A3's if you have a cupholder above your radio or the hazard light & ESP switches are above your radio/cd player at the moment, then you also have single DIN. For more info and some pics to help you understand whether you have single or double DIN, please click here.

Q. Why is it that you have different prices for single DIN and double DIN?
A. Single DIN are more expensive for two reasons really: 1) Extra parts such as double DIN housing, ESP switch, facia trim, storage tray, card/coin drawer etc and 2) the extra time it takes to install as a single to double DIN conversion is a lot more labour intensive.

Q. Where are you guys based?
A. We are based in Bradford (near Leeds), West Yorkshire. Our office is @ 454-456 Thornton Rd, Bradford, BD8 9BS. Our workshop is 200 yards away.

Q. Do you guys have a retail shop where I can come and see you?
A. We used to for about 15 years but since most of our work is for main dealers on a callout basis and in order to reduce overheads, we no longer operate a retail shop.

Q. Do we have to come to you or do you guys do mobile fitting?
A. You can come to us for fitting, however, for certain products/services (such as Audi navs for double DIN cars, VW nav units or Bluetooth kits), we can offer mobile fitting at 1 per mile (minimum 30) chargeable one way. In other words, if you're 100 miles away, it would cost you an additional £100 for mobile fitting. If you live or work in the Bradford area, we can come out & fit at no extra charge. We can also install various other items such as Bluetooth kits and iPod interfaces on a mobile basis.

Q. But I live in London and I don't fancy paying an extra £200 or so, is there anything you can do?
A. Yes there is... we can do it for far less on one of our group install dates. Assuming we get enough customers, we make our way down the M1 and onto South Mimms Services on the M25. We fit at any stop along the way and meet our London customers at our final stop of South Mimms services. For more details and booking, please click here.

Q. What items don't you fit on a mobile basis and why?
A. Essentially, we will not install equipment that involves a lot of dismantling of a vehicle on a mobile basis for three basic reasons. 1) We may need equipment that is only available to us at our workshop; 2) We may not simply have enough time to send out an installer to where you are and get the job done before end-of-day and most importantly 3) We will not compromise on the quality of the install and carrying out installations when out in the not-so-reliable British weather would result in exactly that.... no matter what other installers tell you. Hence, we choose not to carry out certain installs on a mobile basis but please give us a call to confirm the items concerned.

Q. So do the DVD based units play DVD movies?
A. With the exception of the RNS-510 (MFD3) unit, the DVD based sat nav units will not play DVD movies, they are simply DVD ROMs which handle DVD map discs. We can of course add a DVD player through a multimedia interface to your sat nav if you wish.

Q. Can I watch TV on the sat nav units?
A. Not as standard, no. Our units are what you would get if you were to order the £1800-£2000 option from the dealers but at the fraction of the price. So like the dealers, if you want to add digital freeview TV, we can install that as well. Unlike the dealers, we can also add on tv-in-motion on some of the systems (of course, it is not advisable to be driving whilst the TV is active and you do so entriely at your own risk.)

Q. Can I watch TV or DVD whilst the car is in motion?
A. Not with a standard setup. However, we can incorporate TV/video-in-motion on some of our systems. We must stress that we do not advise you have TV-in-motion as it can be distracting for the driver. We only install TV-in-motion for the benefit of your passengers. In order for us to install this feature, you will be asked to sign a disclaimer to state you will be taking full responsibility for the feature's availability.

Q. What's the MFD3/RNS-510?
A. It's VW's all-singing, all-dancing sat nav unit with touch screen, built-in DVD player, built-in 30GB hard disk drive, SD memory card slot, MP3 playback, photo viewer etc etc. For more info on the RNS-510, please click here.

Q. Do you guys offer ECU re-mapping services? I want more power and/or economy than my factory setup!
A. Sorry, we do not currently offer re-mapping services.

Q. Will my Bose, Dynaudio, OEM Bluetooth, CD changer, iPod connector and/or multifunction steering wheel continue to operate as normal?
A. Yes! Everything will be coded to your new sat nav unit so they will continue to work as per normal.

Q. Your sat navs are expensive when I compare them to a TomTom or similiar portbale nav unit, so why should I buy one?
A. One reason is a TomTom won't add £1000+ to the value of your car. Other reasons include better security, better safety, great aesthetics, 100% compatibilty with your car & it's equipment such as multifunction steering wheel & OEM Blueooth, better satellite signal stength, guidance even when going through tunnels & built up areas using speed & direction sense, full integration into your car etc etc.

Q. Your sat nav units are cheap when I compare them to other people doing the same installs, are they cheap copies or something?
A. Absolutely not! All our units are Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) units and are the same as what any other reputable installation company would supply and fit. Why are we cheaper then? Simply because we're not greedy and we work on minimal margins to give you guys the best deals out there.

Q. What form of payments do you accept?
A. We can accept cash, verified bankers draft (we would need to speak to your bank to verify), direct bank transfer to our business account (CHAPS/BACS/FPS) or Paypal. We do not accept personal cheques. Business cheques are only accepted from main franchised dealers and/or insurance companies. PLEASE NOTE: Paypal payments carry a 5% surcharge. Also, if transferring payment, we cannot allow vehicles to leave until cleared funds are in our account.

Q. Why is there a surcharge for Paypal?
A. Essentailly to cover costs incurred for processing the payments through Paypal. But to explain further, there were two ways we could have priced our products: 1) Include a 'hidden' surcharge in all our pricing so it appears there isn't a surcharge for card/Paypal payments and therefore all customers, regardless of payment method would be paying extra. 2) Keep our prices from any hidden charges and be open about what methods of payment cost us more to process so we can empower our customers to make the decision for themselves. We obviously chose the latter option which, as we're sure you'll agree, is the more honest, upfront & transparent option.

Q. Do the sat nav units play MP3's?
A. The Audi RNS-E units have two built in SD memory card readers which can hold up to 2GB (32GB for Media RNS-E) SD cards in each slot. These unit's will then play any MP3's that are stored on the SD cards. The VW, Skoda and Seat MFD2 sat nav units will not play MP3's with the exception of VW's RNS510/MFD3 which will play MP3's from an SD card, from it's internal HDD or from a cd/dvd containing MP3 files.

Q. Are your sat nav units brand new?
A. Although we could lie to you (we're not like that so we won't!) and tell you they are new, almost all our nav units are factory refurbished units. This means they are all in an 'as-new' condition with no visible scratches or marks and once fitted you'd be hard pressed to tell otherwise. Note: There are other installers out there installing refurbished items and passing them off as new!! We also offer, by special order, BRAND NEW RNS510 units that come with an extended 24 month warranty - please call for more info and pricing.

Q. I've seen it cheaper elsewhere, can you match it?
A. Depends. We would only try to match a competitor if they are a fully registered UK company that we can contact to confirm pricing. They must have an online presence and a physical address. We cannot gaurantee we would match any price, but there are times when we can even beat the prices elswhere. Best thing is to give us a call last, once you've called everyone else!

Q. What about a warranty?
A. All our sat nav units are warranted for a full 12 months from installation with exception to our brand new RNS510 units which are covered by an extended 24 months warranty. We also offer extended warranties for further piece of mind should you need it. Other equipment carry a 12 or 24 month warranty depending on the item. Just please ensure you keep hold of your invoice as without it we cannot honour any warranty claim.

Q. What happens to my old radio/stereo unit?
A. It used to be that we would just leave them with you but unfortunately our suppliers have increased their prices and in order to still try and maintain our low prices we now take them in as part exchange at our advertised prices. If we didn't, then quite simply our prices would have to be higher and from talking to our previous customers, most/almost-all are happy with this arrangment. If you did want to keep your old unit, then that would be possible subject to a small charge.

Q. What kind of cars do you work on?
A. Although we have worked on everything from Alfa's to Volvo's, we now choose to work on specific vehicles where we can offer an OEM install. This includes the VAG range of cars (which includes Audi and Lamborghini), Mercedes-Benz, Ford and are now also introducing BMW into our range.

Q. How long is it that you've been established and can I trust you with my car?
A. We've been in the car audio/electronics business since 1996 and have a combined experience of over 30 years. One of the partners is an Electronics Engineering degree graduate so he understands everything down to circuit board level (well.... almost!). You're never in business that long if you're a cowboy outfit or you don't know what you're doing and we have plenty of satisfied customers to prove the calibre & quality of our work.