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OEM Retrofits
VW MFD2 - Versions B and C including Touareg Units
MFD2 Version B
MFD2 Version C

These used to be our most popular sellers due to the cost and ease of use until the MFD3 unit came along.

The units themselves offer amazing value for money considering how much they cost from factory. We often get asked what's the difference between the two, well in short, the MFD2 Version C unit is the newer updated one. It has updated looks in line with all the newer VW cars with the silver buttons and has updated firmware. Below you'll find the spec of the two units shown above (btw the colour difference you see in the two pics is down to the photography not the units, all the units are exactly the same colour as the intrior trim in your car).

To help you with your decision making, it may also be worth noting that with these units you cannot listen to a CD via the internal CD drive whilst using navigation at the same time. You can of course listen to a CD via a 6 CD changer if you have one installed or the radio or an iPod if you have the kit installed. The MFD3 does however allow you to listen to a CD on the internal drive whilst using navigation as well.


  • Quicker DVD based units as opposed to CD based units (NOTE: will not play movies)
  • Position sensing via ABS of both rear wheels
  • Acoustic driving instructions
  • Optical pictograms in the on-board computer display monitor (Highline DIS only)
  • Adjustable radio loudspeaker volume control for the output of driving recommendations
  • Selectable menu language: German, English, Dutch, Italian, French, Spanish
  • Guidance to destination "turn by turn"
  • Evaluation of TP and TA
  • TIM: Traffic news memory
  • POI - Points Of Interest such as petrol stations, airports, train stations, car parks, theaters, shopping centres, cash machines etc etc...)
  • Split screen display
  • RDS/EON VHF (stereo), MW* TP, TA
  • 6 x 2 memory presets (TP, FM, AM, on the memory levels 1 and 2)
  • Radio and memory scan
  • 20W x 4 output power

Please be aware of cheap far eastern replica's that look like very similar to these systems but will not 100% compatible with your car and it's options such as multifunction steering wheel or rear view camera. Always choose a genuine OEM unit, they're designed for the car you drive and won't let you down when you need it most!

For a copy of the MFD2 instruction manual in PDF format (2.3Mb), please click here.