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OEM Retrofits
Remote Control Convertible Softop/Hardtop Closure/Opening System

If you own a convertible VW or Audi then you'll know that the only way to put your roof up or down is with the key in the ignition and someone to hold the button for the full process. And you would have probably also wondered if there was a way to do this via the remote control on your key, or maybe about a one touch operation so you don't have to keep hold of the button? And is it a right pain the neck when you're at a set of red lights and the moment you start putting your roof up or down, they turn green and the roof stops operating as soon as you start driving?!

Well we have the answer to all of the above with our roof closure modules. Here's what you get:

  • Remote control (via your Audi or VW key) of your convertible roof
    • Open/Close your convertible roof using the original factory remote control key.
  • Individually programmable
    • Configure features/functions of the module to meet your personal preferences
  • Open/Close the roof while you're driving
    • Open/Close the top while driving upto 38mph (Audi A3 + TT) or 25mph (A4) (excluding 'Outdoor version')
  • One-touch operation
    • This function allows your roof to open or close automatically without having to hold the button in place (excluding 'Outdoor version')
  • Chirp-signal function
    • When operating the central locking, the horn sounds once briefly (this can be turned off)


Year from
Price - Fully fitted
Audi A3
Audi A4, S4, RS4
Audi A4, S4, RS4
(Outdoor version)
Audi TT