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OEM Retrofits
TV/DVD/Video-in-motion unlocking

******* SPECIAL OFFER *******
*** FREE DVD-in-motion when purchasing an MFD3/RNS-510 ***

OK, here's the deal, if you want YOUR PASSENGERS to be able to watch DVD, TV or any other video source on your factory sat nav system whilst the car is moving, then we may have the answer for you!

For all our sat nav systems detailed below we offer specific video-in-motion unlocking which uses software based unlocking and not hardware based little modules you see for sale on the internet. This offers a few advantages:

  • No CAN protocol filtering
    • Hardware based unlocking filter out the speed signal and have been know to cause problems with other systems in the car such as Bluetooth kits etc.
  • No additional hardware to have to install and find a home for
  • Higher degree of sat nav accuracy.
    • Unlike hardware locking, our system does not filter out the speed/gala signal from the cars ABS sensors to the unit. This means that if it was filtered out and you lost GPS (e.g. you went through a tunnel), your nav unit would show that you have stopped moving on the map. Our system ensures this does not happen as there is no signal filtering.
  • Undetectable by main dealer diagnostics computers


Please note: Our accepted forms of payment are; cash, direct bank transfer (BACS/CHAPS/FPS)

Sat Nav system


Price if purchased with Sat Nav

Audi A3, S3, A4, S4 & RS4
with RNS-E Sat Nav

Audi A6
with MMI High 2G

Volkswagen (All including Touareg)
with MFD2 Sat Nav
Volkswagen (All including Touareg)
with MFD3 RNS510 Sat Nav

Please note: We cannot stress enough that it is extremely dangerous for the driver of a car to be watching any kind of TV/video on your sat nav screen whilst driving. We are only offering what you have demanded from us but it's entirely your responsibility to ensure you do not abuse the available functionality by watching it whilst driving.

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